Campus & School Security


Our school safety systems are optimized to meet the needs of each school, regardless of size, location or budget. These systems are designed as a tool to initiate alerts in the event weather warnings, tragedies or school closings. The warning alerts will immediately reach students, faculty and authorities. Each system can be customized based on several factors determined through a detailed evaluation and consultation. Ask about our capability to integrate with existing equipment to provide a custom tailored solution unique to each school.

BCS School Security has many components, including:

  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Door access control
  • Zone communication and access
  • Phone integration with security systems
  • Paging systems
  • E-911 integration
  • Communication to staff, fire and rescue, parents and even state / federal agencies
  • Mass Notification Systems

Key Components Of BCS School Security Systems

    Proper placement, mounting and cabling of cameras. Recording capability and ease of accessing of footage. Live viewing and recording of personnel and non-personnel in critical areas
    Campus-wide door lock-down by door, region or entire facility. Securing doors for control of daily access. Scheduling of doors for open access (athletic practices, etc.).
    Panic button integration via fob, mounted button, phone system or customized. Notification alerts campus-wide, fire department, local police and EMT Campus-wide paging system that is integrated into new or existing PA systems. Pre-recorded messaging and announcements in the event of an emergency. A variety of notification options to ensure reach (visual, audio, email, text)
    Paging throughout the school PA system E-911 to direct first responders to the exact room of the school. Emergency phone service to allow for a key code to immediately trigger alarm systems, contact emergency response or even lock down a facility. Console notification if an alarm is set off to immediately alert all rooms of an emergency situation. Scheduled call service. If no answer, it calls again. If it doesn't answer on the second call, it alerts the school office or front desk.

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